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Published On August 1, 2017 | By Layne Grady | Budgeting

If you’re planning your next vacation you know how fast the dollars add up: the cost of fuel, places you’d like to stop, and attractions you want to see all cost money and can take a big dent out of your vacation funds.  One way you can save is to be flexible on where you stay, and look for deals on facilities in the area you’ll be in. Although most of us check online for the lowest priced resort and go with that, there are other types of places you can spend a night or week that might not cost as much or might give you a new experience you weren’t expecting. Here are three alternatives to staying in a pricey resort:

Hotel deals: often hotels have great sales on rooms because they’re under booked, and you can get a great room for much less than what you’d pay at a resort. Look online for hotel deals before you finalize your plans and you might get a big surprise!

Campgrounds are often low cost vacation alternatives and are especially great for families. If you don’t have camping gear look for rentals! Some companies rent recreational vehicles by the week and are quite affordable. Tip: if you plan to tow your vehicle make sure your insurance covers it in case of an accident!

Staying at a bed and breakfast is usually expensive, but if you’re traveling in the off season you might get a surprise. Bed and breakfasts are almost always family run, and just like hotels they lose money if their rooms aren’t all rented. Call ahead and see if they have openings, but check online for discounts and deals before you book your stay.

 If you’re traveling on a tight budget check your destination area for an affordable hostel. Originally created for student travelers, some hostels not offer cabins for families as well.

Wherever you decide to stay, always check the website as well as several discount sites before you book. There can be a big difference in price to be found by looking for deals, and they’re there to be found!

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