Safety of online websites for purchasing used cars

Published On June 13, 2017 | By Layne Grady | Finance

Previously, it was very difficult to purchase a used car anywhere in India. People had to go to local dealers or get in touch with their contacts and acquaintances to get a used car. However, when Maruti True Value and other similar stores opened across the country, it made buying used cars extremely convenient. People could simply walk up to the showroom, inspect and check the cars and take home a car.

Nowadays, with the online/ website culture, almost everything is sold online. It has made the process of buying a used car even simpler. You can now browse multiple websites, check prices for different vehicles, check their details and make the purchase online as well. Small cars, such as Volkswagen Polo, Honda Jazz are some of the most commonly sold used cars on these websites. But we need to evaluate how safe is buying cars online.

Checking the site’s credibility

While most of the online portal for used Volkswagen Polo in Bangalore are old, have good reviews and assure safety, it is important that thorough checks are done about the website and the seller’s credibility. It is also important to check that the site offers secure transaction and levies minimum or reasonable charges.

Checking the vehicle’s owner

Some websites charge you a minimal amount so that you can view the seller’s details. In the entire process of purchasing a used car, this is merely an investment. Once you have the seller’s details, you should speak to them, physically check the car before making any purchase decision. While speaker to the owner, you can also judge whether the car would be in a good condition internally (engine, etc.)

Checking the vehicle’s condition

One should make sure that the vehicle description and the actual condition match. Another check that is important is the warranties and certificates that are required for the parts. If the warranties are expired or are expiring soon, you can get further discounts or leverage before buying.


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